I know Storyteller Academy will help you improve your storytelling craft just as it has helped others. Hear first-hand what some of the inaugural Storyteller Academy graduates have to say!

Emily Wayne

Children's Book Author & Illustrator

Kim MacPherson

Children's Book Author & Illustrator

"Wow, to say that Storyteller Academy and its flagship course "Making Picture Books 1.0" blew me away is an understatement. I really didn't expect this high level of EVERYTHING -- the content, the fellowship, and the day-to-day guidance of Arree Chung himself. First of all, I should make it clear that I'm not a novice to this industry. I know what's out there as far as children's lit education goes... mostly because I've taken most of the great courses that are out there! And there are some great ones; though admittedly some of them are more difficult than others to navigate, for one reason or another. The Storyteller Academy portal is brilliant-- it IS meaty and filled with great content, but everything is so easily accessible through the system. You simply go to your course, and all of the class videos are neatly and succinctly organized by topic. So if you want to skip "Design," for example and go right to "Characters and Problems," you can do that easily. I also love how, in that same view, you can see how long each topic's video is... so whether you have five minutes or thirty minutes, you can catch a video that suits your availability at any given moment. And, like I said, the content is meaty. I don't think that any questions are left on the table once you go through the entire series of classes.

If you DO have questions, you can go to the course Facebook page and ask other students (or Arree, who is always there). By the way, that Facebook page is a great place to connect with others who are in your same place in this crazy industry. Other courses offer this sometimes, but there's something about Arree's presence there that makes this place really special. And speaking of Arree...

Perhaps most valuable of all is just how ACCESSIBLE Arree is. I don't know if he will be quite this accessible as Storyteller Academy grows with more courses (and, trust me, it's going to grow because word of mouth will push it to grow)... but for now, Arree seems always available to answer a question, post feedback on Facebook, chime in on just about anything kid lit. I mean... does he ever sleep? Seriously, though... love, love, love this first course at Storyteller Academy. I know there's more in the works and I plan to keep taking more. Thanks, Arree, for this first course and for all your support!"

Brian Song

Dad, Librarian & Storyteller

Abi Cushman

Mother, Web Designer & Illustrator

"I am an author-illustrator from the Connecticut shoreline, and I absolutely loved Arree's course. It far exceeded my expectations! If you are interested in creating engaging stories for children, I highly recommend taking Arree's course, whether you're an author-only or author-illustrator.

What initially drew me to Arree's class was his willingness to be completely open and honest about his storymaking journey. It was so refreshing to hear someone speak with complete transparency about the process, including the failures, wrong turns, and the realities of the publishing industry. I think it's important to know that despite setbacks, missteps, or rejections, if you put in the work, you can eventually become a successful storyteller.

When I started the course, I had one polished picture book dummy, and I was having trouble developing a new set of characters and a new storyline that I was excited about. Arree shared his process for brainstorming ideas and developing a storyline through pictures. Using these techniques and meeting for regular critique group sessions pushed me to create a new rough picture book dummy with a lot of potential. And even better is that I feel confident that I can utilize these systems moving forward to create more stories that are compelling (and marketable) in the future."

Ryan Roberts

Picture Book Enthusiast & Storyteller

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Ginger Weddle

Children's Book Writer, Speech and Language Pathologist

"Storyteller Academy has been a great learning experience for me! In addition to the webinars and exercises, Arree provides insightful guidance in the critique sessions. He is fun, approachable, and willingly shares his knowledge and experience! He is creating a supportive community of writers and illustrators."

Aaron Clark

Illustrator & Storyboard Artist

Jason Chen

Dad, Physical Therapist & Storyteller

"Arree's storybook academy will show you the ins and outs (as well as everything in between) about creating and publishing your story. I have tried taking several academic courses, reading endless blogs and online tutorials. While they were all helpful, the experience was ultimately fragmented.

Arree breaks it down and puts all the steps together. By sharing his own experiences he also shows you common mistakes and pitfalls that you find only with experience. These experiences also serve as encouragements whenever you feel like you are lost or something is not working.

For any journey it is helpful to have a guide, a map and companions. Arree's the guide, his material is the map and the community you build with other members of the course can be you companions. The most important and probably hardest part, is of course, putting in the work!"